Top 10 must-have travel gadgets

Whether you are a frequent traveller or pack your bag once in a blue moon, some accessories are a must-have. After having travelled to more than 15 countries, I have come to understand that it’s very easy to be underprepared while travelling. And I also know the feeling of missing out, it has happened with me quite a few times and that’s when I wish I had carried it.

However, to spare you from that awful feeling, I have carefully curated a list of 10 travel accessories and gadgets that are a must-have on any travel trip.

Universal travel adapter

Although this is a no brainer, it took me 2 trips to realize the importance of the universal travel adapter. No matter which part of the world you may travel to, this device comes in handy. They are extremely cheap and available on or for that matter, in most electronic stores. The best part of the universal travel adapter is that they are light and convenient to carry.

External Power Bank

Your smartphone battery may be advertised to last 2 days, but in reality, no matter how much you try, it will run out of juice quicker than you think, especially while travelling. Extended use of camera and social media is common while on the go and this drains our devices really fast, and needless to say, no one wants to carry a dead phone. That’s when the external power bank comes in and saves the day. There are plenty of good brands to choose from these days, but no matter which brand you pick, make sure it has a capacity of more than 10,000 MAH.

Action Camera

It’s safe to say that the travel industry is constantly transforming. Gone are the days when travel was only about clicking pretty pictures besides flowers and monuments. New age travellers look for an adrenaline rush from their adventures and also capture these moments forever. That’s when the action camera comes in. Be it jumping off a plane or deep-sea diving, today’s action cameras can do the job. Also, cameras like the GoPro pull off amazing stills with their wide eye lens. The best part of the action cameras is the accessories they come with. It can be attached almost anywhere to capture the perfect moment. I highly recommend you invest in a good action camera.

Portable Iron and steamer

Your clothes are as important as your location or background and that’s when this little gadget comes in. While travelling, you cannot keep all your clothes intact and they tend to get wrinkled. Also, if you stop at a motel or an Airbnb, chances are that you will not find an Iron.

That’s when the portable Iron and steamer come to the rescue. They are lightweight, efficient and do the job with ease. It might take a little bit longer on certain materials, but the time invested is surely worth it.



Wifi Extender

Oftentimes, especially in Airbnb, the Wifi signal is not consistent. Some rooms have strong connections, while others are sketchy. The Wifi Extender is a great help in these situations. All devices will come with their own apps which you have to install. Enter the details of your Wifi in the app and then plug in the device. It detects the signal and just like that, you have better connectivity in all your rooms. It’s an excellent device, especially while travelling in bigger groups.



USB drive or Hard Disk

For our trip to the Maldives, I purchased a DSLR and a gimbal; the intention was to make a travel vlog, but to my horror, I realized that I had not carried the Hard Disk to store the videos. I would definitely not want anyone to be in that situation, especially you. Hard disks have become as portable as your wallet and they can store tons of data. This makes it essential for all your travels. They can come in handy on several occasions, be it storing your files or sharing files. If you are a blogger like me, Hard disks are the go-to gadgets to store your files and no matter what, do not forget them for your travels.



Smartphone Gimbal

Every year, new smartphones can do what no other smartphone in the past was able to do. Better specs, more storage, bigger screen and of course a better camera. The camera can even correct blurry photos and videos to an extent, but would you want to leave that to the gadget? When it comes to capturing amazing videos and photos, a Gimbal plays a role as crucial as the latest smartphone. Not only that, your extended imagination can take shape with a gimbal. They have plenty of options and modes. This is something that you should invest in if you are serious about vlogging and photography.


Bluetooth headphones

If you love listening to music or watching movies while on your trips, a Bluetooth headphone is essential for you. With many companies coming up with Bluetooth headphones, they have become extremely affordable. Many of them come with noise cancellation features and you no longer have to get angry at the baby crying in the background. The best part about these Bluetooth headphones is that the connection is as stable as any wired headphone and the battery lasts as long as your smartphone, or even longer.

Streaming Stick

Our previous stay at an Airbnb was good for the most part, except that they did not have a smart TV. That meant no Netflix or Prime and in fact, we did not even switch on the TV. We really wish we had carried a streaming stick at that point in time because watching shows on your laptop or phone is not great, especially when you have a TV in the house. If you enjoy watching your shows while you travel and don’t want to depend totally on Airbnb or the hotel, I suggest you invest in a streaming stick.

Luggage scale

Often but not, we get so carried away with our purchases (especially while travelling) that we forget there’s a weight limit on our suitcases. Most of the time, we go with just assumptions to cut a sorry figure at the check-in counter where we have to unload, adjust, and sometimes unfortunately discard some of our precious purchases. But here’s the best part – you don’t have to go through any of it if you only have a hand-held luggage scale. It can most certainly make or break your trip. They are lightweight, slim and inexpensive and in my opinion an important addition to your trips. You could buy them from Amazon or any big box stores for that matter.







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